What is Plazah?

Plazah is the One-on-One Sales Marketplace set to revolutionize commerce. We bring the best of retail and e-commerce into a new personal shopping experience by empowering people (individual experts) to make money selling products from top brands, providing access to top quality products with very high commissions and a set of tools that make selling easy, fun and fair for everyone.

Make money recommending the products you love

In other words, Plazah is a place where individual experts find the right products to make recommendations tailored to their circle of influence (clients, friends and family).

Our Vision

Every day, millions of sales are influenced by in-person conversations.

People trust the experts they know.

There is a huge opportunity for anyone influencing these sales to make money, as well as an opportunity for brands to tap into this channel. This is significant due to retail being disrupted so abruptly in today’s sharing-economy and e-commerce mass adoption.  We believe that trust is everything, which is especially true when talking about following someone’s advice regarding the purchase of new products.

Our Mission

To help individuals monetize their expertise when recommending a product

We work at Plazah to make a positive impact and help shape a better future, disrupting the retail and e-commerce industry and democratizing wealth in the sharing economy.

We are continuously and tirelessly working on innovating and making the selling experience as seamless, simple and fair as possible.

Excellence, humility, respect and hard work are our guiding principles (and a bit of talent too… )

We hope you like it!

Team Plazah

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