How Easy is It to Make Your First Sale?

After signing up for Plazah, you may be wondering how to make your first sale. Do you have to go out and “close” people? Who can you actually sell to? Luckily, combining your current work in fitness with Plazah will allow you to easily make your first sale and many more! To recap the simplicity of how to use Plazah:

  1. Join (takes two clicks)
  2. Recommend
  3. Make money

Let’s begin by telling you my personal story as the very first Plazah user  (and soon after, a Plazah employee). Initially, I had the same questions about who, what, when, where and why to make a sale. To my relief, I quickly realized that this wasn’t something that I had to go out and TRY to sell.



Despite my outgoing personality, I have never enjoyed the sales aspect of any job. I’m happier saying “Oh you don’t want to buy this? Ok, sounds good to me.” I rarely even promoted my TRX classes and instead relied on the gym to bring in students. Luckily, Plazah is about talking to your already established client base and listening to their wants and needs.

I taught TRX classes a couple times per week and naturally established rapport with my students during the 10 minutes before and after class. They would typically share their personal fitness journeys and any issues they might have.

I quickly noticed that I was already recommending products to at least half of my students and leaving it up to the student to go out and buy the product. While it seemed I was helping them at the time, Plazah was able to help this process in a couple of ways:

  1. After telling students about a product, most of them forget about it   by the time they left the studio. This is unfortunate because the product could add benefit to their life and fitness routine. Plazah allowed me to send the product directly to their phone or email.
  2. Despite promoting the company and their product, I received no incentive while the company made tons of money . This has always been accepted as “Well, that’s just how it is”…until Plazah came along! Now I can earn commission on products I recommend while still promoting top brands.