How is Plazah Different from Affiliation and Ambassador Programs?

When hearing about Plazah, many people relate it to an affiliation or ambassador program. These programs allow sellers to earn small commissions using a personalized URL they can share with anyone. While Plazah does share the same benefit of affiliations/ambassadors (earning commissions), that is only a small part of what we can offer to sellers.

Why should you use Plazah over other resources such as affiliations, ambassador programs, or simply building your own store? Let us count the ways:

1. Plazah offers a much larger commission percentage (up to 50%) than most affiliate or ambassador programs. This means you don’t need a large audience or high volume of clients to make a good amount of money off each sale.



2. As mentioned in our previous post, 92% of consumers will trust a recommendation from someone they know. Plazah allows you to work directly with your clients, friends and family to recommend and sell products.


Not only will this increase your sales, Plazah allows you strengthen your relationship with your network because you know exactly who is buying the product.

3. Plazah provides a large product catalog including multiple brands, allowing you to sell products to a wide range of people.


Sell a yoga mat to a yoga enthusiast, an activity tracker to a runner or a suspension trainer to a weightlifter.

4. To utilize this diverse product set, you can make your own personalized store to share with your clients and friends. You can also create collections within your store (i.e. Yoga, Running, Weightlifting) to further personalize depending on the buyer’s interests. Your store can be shared on social media with a click of a button, allowing you to share your favorite products within your social network.


5. With Plazah, all you have to worry about is helping others and recommending products. There is no need to purchase products yourself (which you would buy to do in bulk to receive large discounts), no overhead to store products and no worry about shipping (we take care of it).

shutterstock_274987046 [Convertido].png

6. Plazah is extremely easy to setup and use. A user-friendly interface makes it simple to scroll through different products and filter for exactly what you’re looking for. A few clicks and your recommendation is sent to the buyer.

Now that you see how Plazah stacks up to the competition, what are you waiting for? Join today!