Halo Sport – Video Review

Have you been looking for an out-of-the-box way to improve your performance? Lucky for you, Halo Sport is now available on the Plazah platform, allowing you to use neuropriming technology to enhance performance.

What is neuropriming technology? Great question! Watch the quick video below for more details on what it is and how you can utilize it with your clients and friends. If you haven’t signed up yet, check us out at http://www.plazah.com!

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Hey guys, Desmond with Plazah. Here today to introduce you to Halo Sport, a new product now available in the Plazah marketplace. We’ll show you the product, how much you can make selling it and why your clients will love it.

Before we start, remember that Plazah is the place where you can make money recommending top products and give tailored discounts to clients and friends. Signing up with Plazah is free, fast and you can use it on your desktop or mobile phone.

So first off, what is Halo Sport? It’s actually this awesome Headset you see me wearing right now. Halo Sport uses neuropriming technology to stimulate the part of your brain that is responsible for muscle movement.

So what does that mean? It’s basically a preworkout for your brain. These soft nibs you see here send a signal to your brain that helps it connect to your body, to your muscle, to your movement so when you are working out you’ll be much more connected.

Now, to use Halo Sport, simply wear it 20 min before your workout. Remember, you can also plug in your phone to play music at the same time.

Who would you recommend Halo Sport to?

First, someone who loves gadgets and fitness technology. People who are on top of the trends and want to have the latest and greatest.

Next, someone who has hit a plateau in their training. Tell them about neuropriming and how it can help improve their performance.

Lastly, the most common person…someone who barely has time to workout and definitely doesn’t have time to warm up beforehand. Halo Sport can be worn on the way to the gym to save time and will make workouts more efficient.

Thanks for watching. I hope you enjoy Halo Sport. If you haven’t signed up yet, don’t forget to check us out at Plazah.com. Feel free to reach out with any questions…you can find our contact info in the notes. Thanks again and see you next time.