The most common questions about Plazah.

What is plazah?

Plazah is the premiere technology platform for brands and individuals to harness a new trend in retail: personal commerce.  We offer a turnkey solution for experts to recommend products and earn commissions.

Why Should I Sell With Plazah?

Plazah is more than just another Marketplace. Plazah is a MOVEMENT, because we are changing the way people sell and buy products. We built Plazah to empower experts get recognized and rewarded.  There is no risk in getting started– all you need to do is get ready to recommend your favorite products to your peers.

Is Plazah Free? Do I Need To Buy Anything?

Joining Plazah is free for everyone, whether you are an individual looking to sell products or are a company looking to increase your product sales. No catch, no fees, no product to buy or handle.

How Much Money Can I Make With Plazah?

You can earn up to 40% commissions on every sale your recommendations generate. Each product has a different commission level. On average, the average commission earned by Plazah sellers is 23%. The more products you recommend, the greater your earnings potential.

How Does It Work?

Very simple. Download the Plazah app and apply to be a seller. Once approved:

  1. Select the product that you want to recommend
  2. Apply the discount that you want to provide. For example, if a product has a 40% maximum commission, you can elect to provide a 20% discount to the buyer, and you would make a 20% commission in the event of a sale.
  3. Send the product recommendation to your client/friend by email or SMS through the Plazah platform.

You can also create your own customized Plazah store with your favorite products, and promote your store on your social media channels, blog, website, etc. Alternatively, click on the links you’ll find on each product page to share through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Messenger or any other platform you like.

Will My Recommendations Really Result In Sales?

Yes they do. Word of mouth is the number 1 driver of product sales, particularly when the recommendation comes from an expert. In Plazah, close to 20% of the recommendations that Plazah sellers send to their clients/friends end up in a sale.

How Can I Sell Products In Plazah Below The Retail Price?

Plazah, like any other legitimate retailer, is subject to MAP (Minimum Advertised Price). However, the product recommendations that are sent through Plazah to your clients and friends do not constitute a public advertisement, since they are being communicated privately on a one to one basis through email or SMS. Because of this, it is possible to apply discounts and sell products below MSRP retail price, where both the buyer (lower price) and the seller (up to 40% commission) benefit.

Can I recommend using social media?

You can advertise your Plazah store and recommend products on your public channels. The only difference is that the discount will be deactivated. The links you include will not lead to a price below the product’s retail price.

How Can I Make Money With Plazah?

  1. One to One offers. Using the Plazah app, you can send offers to your circle of influence. High commissions (up to 40%) and high sales conversions (close to 20%), because you can apply discounts.
  2. Share product links on social media on your blog, website, email, SMS, Messenger, etc… When someone buys a product using that link, you get paid.
  3. Embed your Plazah Store in your website (if you have one).
  4. Invite other experts to join Plazah. You will make a 20% commission on any sale they generate.

Why Do Brands Work With Plazah If The Sales Are Below The Retail Price?

Fitness brands are delighted to be part of Plazah. Here are three big reasons:

  • Plazah’s seller community is composed of professionals with significant influence over which products are sold.
  • Once a product is sold, the information is passed on to the brand and it is the brand that is responsible for the shipping. Brands benefit from this “customer intelligence”, which they lack in the case of selling through other retailers and etailers.
  • Brands are willing to sell at discounted prices, but as long as it is done in private channels. This is precisely what Plazah enables.

Which Brands Are Available On Plazah?

We work with more than 50 top brands including Garmin, KT Tape, Timbuk2, Title Boxing, Optimum Nutrition, TomTom, Polar Watches, Moji, Protech, Boost Oxygen, Honey Stinger, Finis, Hyperice, Qardio. If you want us to partner up with a brand you love that you don’t see in Plazah, please send us an email to feedback@plazah.com

Which Countries Is Plazah Available In?

At this stage Plazah is only available in the United States.

How Do I Get Paid And How Is A Product Delivered?

Our secure servers charge the buyer directly. When the product is sold, we automatically send the purchase order to the company who then ships the product directly to the client, and you will receive a secure payment directly on your bank account.

How Often Do I Get Paid For Sales?

We initiate the payment process right after the product has been shipped. It usually takes 2-3 days to show in your bank account, but it ultimately depends on your bank ( so it could be a bit more ).

I Want To Start Selling With Plazah. Am I Eligible?

These are the criteria to sign up for a Plazah account:

  1. Be at least 18 years old. If we deem it necessary, we may ask you for proof of age. If you are under 18, you may use Plazah Services only with involvement of a parent or guardian.
  2. Be a US resident, selling to buyers also living in the US

Build Your Team: Can I Earn Money By Inviting My Friends To Sign Up With Plazah?

Yes. We encourage you to spread the word. Build tour Team and as a reward, you will earn an additional 20% commission of anything they make.

Is It Safe? Why Should I Trust Plazah?

Trust is personal and so is Plazah to us. Plazah was founded by a team of experienced executives and entrepreneurs.

Additionally, Plazah uses the latest and greatest technologies to secure your transactions. We do not store any banking or credit card information. We use Stripe, the leading provider for payment processing, PCI certified, and used by companies such as Lyft, Under Armour, Target, etc. Learn more here: Stripe Customers.

On top of that, we use Norton Shopping Guarantee, that provides an extra layer of trust for our experts and your customers: Identity theft Protection ($10,000), Purchase Guarantee ($1,000), and Lowest Price Guarantee ($100). Learn more here: Norton Shopping Guarantee.

What Is The Personal Use Program?

The Plazah Personal Use Program allows sellers to make a one-time purchase on any participating product at 40%~60% below retail price. The program is an incentive and intended for an enriched product experience and promotion/recommendation of said product(s). In order to increase the knowledge of our seller base and confidence in all recommendations, we are happy to offer this program which allows you to experience first-hand the features and benefits so that you can have full faith in making recommendations and potential earnings with Plazah.

To locate products that are a part of this program, under “All Products” you will see a blue icon that says “Buy To Try” which is the Plazah Personal Use Program. Sellers are limited to a one-time purchase per product.

To find out more about this program, visit the Personal Use Program overview.

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