The most common questions about Plazah

What is plazah?

Plazah is the premiere technology platform for brands and individuals to harness a new trend in retail: personal commerce. We offer a turnkey solution for experts to recommend products and create endless selling opportunities. Now brands can compete with value instead of just price alone.

Why should I sell with Plazah?

Everyone has their own circle of influence and with Plazah, now people can be fairly rewarded for influencing sales. Over 92% of people trust recommendations from friends– peer recommendations are a powerful way to fuel sales. There is no risk in getting started– if you are a brand or an individual. All you need to do is get ready to recommend your favorite products to people who trust your expertise.

How does it work?

It’s as simple as downloading an app! Our turnkey solution is a win-win-win for everyone. For consumers: Using Plazah benefits consumers because they are getting advice they trust and all around better service.

For experts: Using Plazah allows experts to monetize their expertise. It’s like having a point of sale right at the key moment in the conversation. Also, it’s additional income with zero risk. No inventory and no fees.

For brands: Finally, Plazah provides a way to sell more via a new sales channel. In addition, peer recommended sales result in fewer returns and increased customer loyalty. We make it easy to sync your catalogue to our platform. If you prefer to have a white label solution, we can work with your company on that. Once brands set their internal commission structure, they can invite their associates to begin recommending and earning. Our powerful analytics allows brands to track in real time all sales.

Why should I join the personal commerce revolution?

Personal commerce is having a moment and there are a few reasons behind it. Retail is undergoing a shake-up, mobile commerce is growing every year and the sharing economy is the new normal. With Plazah, we humanize the interaction and digitize the transaction which translates to a new revenue channel.

How does Plazah work with social media?

Experts can advertise recommended products on all their public channels.

Which brands are available on Plazah?

To date, we work with more than 50 top brands including Garmin, KT Tape, Timbuk2, Title Boxing, Optimum Nutrition, TomTom, Polar Watches, Moji, Protech, Boost Oxygen, Honey Stinger, Finis, Hyperice and Qardio.

Don’t see your brand here? Please send us an email to feedback@plazah.com to learn more.

Once a sale has been made, what happens next?

Plazah’s secure servers charge the buyer directly. When the product is sold, we automatically send the purchase order to the company who then ships the product directly to the client. Once the product is shipped, the expert then receives a secure payment directly to their bank account on file. Brands can control the commission that recommenders are able to make.

Can I trust Plazah?

Plazah was founded by a team of experienced executives and entrepreneurs. Additionally, Plazah uses the latest technologies to secure transactions. We do not store any banking or credit card information. We use Stripe, the leading provider for payment processing, PCI certified, and used by companies such as Lyft, Under Armour, Target, etc. In addition, we use Norton Shopping Guarantee, that provides an extra layer of trust for our experts and your customers: Identity theft Protection ($10,000), Purchase Guarantee ($1,000), and Lowest Price Guarantee ($100). Learn more here: Norton Shopping Guarantee.

Where does Plazah work?

At this point, Plazah is only available in the United States. We are expanding rapidly into Mexico and Spain.