Our Invite & Earn Program Has Arrived!


Did you know with Plazah, you can earn money by inviting fellow fitness professionals to sign up? Yes, that’s right, our Invite & Earn program gives you two ways to make money. This program is designed reward you for spreading the word on Plazah by giving you commissions each time your network makes a sale!

  1. Earn $1.00 every time someone signs up! (now-3/31)
  2. Earn 1% of commissions as a referrer! (For life!)

Through the end of March, you can invite fellow fitness professionals ( health coaches, fitness instructors, trainers, advocates, etc.) to sign up for Plazah and we’ll give you $1.00 for each sign up!

It’s the easiest way to earn by also giving your fit friends a chance to make money with Plazah. To get started, just click the “Invite & Earn” button (must be signed in to send) in the app/on the site.


Once there,  click the “Invite To Join Plazah” button to send an email to your friend(s).


Share the URL and encourage your friends to start making recommendations! If someone signs up, we’ll give you $1.00, each time. No cap on sign ups. BOOM!


You’ll also get 1% commission on everything they sell! This program has no cap and anytime, anyone whom you referred makes a sale, you will automatically earn 1%!

To get in on the action, all you have to do is start referring.

So what are you waiting for? Spread the word today and start earning!

p.s. Don’t have an account yet? Sign up to begin.

Your friends at Plazah!


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