5 Tips From Successful Sellers!

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At Plazah, we’re all about sharing! Whether it’s info on the best fitness equipment, newest products to hit the store, insider tips – we just can’t hold back! We’ve compiled the top 5 strategies from our Plazah Pro’s and we’re sharing with you!

Follow these tips to increase your earning potential!

  1. Make product recommendations on the spot. Use the app during your training sessions, or immediately after. Not only do you get it out of the way, but you’re making recommendations while it’s still fresh in your clients mind (which will give you the best chance at earning).
  2. Follow up is key! Plazah automatically sends your clients your recommendation, but sellers who personally follow up via email or text, have a higher chance at earning more. Plus, you can answer questions and speak the benefit of each product.
  3. Add your store link to your bio on social! Top sellers include links to their store on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and their personal blogs! This will result in surprise sales! (To locate your store in the app, go to the bottom menu and select “My Store”. On desktop, your store is located in the upper right hand corner of the top menu).
  4. Categorize your store! Imagine going into a retail store and looking at items all mixed together – not the best shopping experience, right? Take the time to categorize your store so clients can shop by sections. For ex. – “Fitness Apparel, Home Gyms, Supplements, etc.
  5. Make sure you have the app! The app contains new features you cannot find on desktop like Instagram sharing and more! Go to the app store and download the latest Plazah app to make recommendations on-the-go.

Try one of these tips, two, or all of them, and let us know how you do – your success is our success!

The Plazah Team